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FrameMaker 7.2 (Mostly Windows, may also apply to Solaris)

FrameMaker 7.2 (Mostly Windows, may also apply to Solaris)

Note: See also issues present in previous releases of FrameMaker, as they may also apply to FrameMaker 7.2 (unless indicated otherwise)

FM7.2b128, released September 2005; see Adobe’s description of New Features (PDF: 245K), Reviewer’s Guide (PDF: 3.07M)

  • (fixed in FM7.2b158) Structured FrameMaker: Cannot delete the value of a required attribute
    When trying to delete the value of a required attribute from an element in FM7.2, the normal procedure is followed (and the standard warning is displayed), a confirmation is given… yet the attribute is left unchanged and it is not deleted. Using the same steps in FM7.1 or earlier does produce the expected result.
  • (fixed in FM7.2b158) In FM 7.1, 7.0 and 6.0 it is possible to drag files from a Windows Explorer window onto a FrameMaker book window to add files to a book. This also avoided the problem where (often) the files get added in the wrong order when clicking the “Add file to book” button . In FrameMaker 7.2, attempting to drag from an Explorer window has no effect, so the only option is to use the “Add file” button. [Jon White]
    Drag and drop doesn’t work when you drop… (ATN 326392)
  • FrameMaker crashes when rotating an object using the mouse (Alt-drag), if it is a group of items and in the course of rotating, part of the object goes off-screen temporarily. To reproduce, open the file from the clip art library, go to page 2; select the ship, and Alt-drag a corner handle to rotate the object (error code: 7204, 6107874, 7775428, 0)
  • Control-drag to copy an object cannot be undone and clears the history stack; use Alt-drag instead.
  • (was fixed in FM7.1, but resurfaced in FM7.2) File Info values (File > File Info) are reset when importing formats from other documents with the Document Properties category turned on.
    Note: A new entry can be added to the Preferences section in maker.ini file in FM7.2b158 to control this behavior.
    See also: File Info metadata values are not imported from one document to another in FrameMaker (ATN 331895), where this problem is described as a feature
  • Imported CGM files are smaller than expected (ATN 331867)
  • Font size drop-down in the formatting bar (new in FM7.2/Windows) supports a limited set of font sizes (7, 9, 10, 12, 14, 18, 24, 36) and therefore may not reflect the text size at the cursor location (showing “Other” if the current size is not one of the supported set, or if there is a mix of sizes in the selected area).
  • Font choice drop-down in the formatting bar (new in FM7.2/Windows) shows the first font in the alphabetical list of fonts available when current selection has multiple fonts; names of CJK fonts may be displayed with additional non-text characters.
  • Understanding Multiple Undo (ATN 331774)
    The following commands clear the history palette: Print, Save, SaveAs, Revert, ImportFile (when an anchored frame is selected or if placed directly on a page), ImportFormats, DocumentNumbering, CombinedFonts, PageAdd, PageDelete, ColumnLayout, PageSize, Pagination, MasterPageUsage, UpdateColumnLayout, NewMasterPage, FreezePagination, ConnectTextFrames, CutBoth, EditMarkerTypes, ColorViews, ViewSeparation, AtomizeInset, SwapRedBlue, ColorDefinitions, DeleteWordFromDocDict, EditRulingStyle, ImportElementDefns, Update, NormalizeTags, InclusionElementGrouping, EditLinks, BookRenameFile
  • History palette is blank (ATN 331866)
  • Disable or enable the clear history stack warning (ATN 331868)
  • Troubleshoot errors or freezes during installation (ATN 331828)
  • ICU 2.8 libraries required to compile a mapping file into a binary converter file (ATN 322830)
  • Install and remove FrameMaker 7.2 and Acrobat Distiller 7 using the command line (ATN 331867)


FM7.2b144 (released December 2005; downloadable update, 37.3MB); the ReadmeForPatch144.txt file reports the following fixes:

  • #1244994: FrameMaker 7.2b128, while adding TOC in book, adds an entry in the history palette of structured book, even if the operation is cancelled.
  • #1244610: FrameMaker 7.2b128 generates invalid content when exporting UTF-16 encoded XML.
  • #1244390: FrameMaker 7.2b128 makes the paragraph tag definition incorrect, if pgf unify command is applied twice with selection in different paragraphs and the second unify command is undone.
  • #1244353: The Set on “Numbering Properties” clears the undo history even on cancelling the action.
  • #1239625: FrameMaker 7.2b128 crashes when you rotate an object using the mouse (Alt-drag).
  • #1236151: FrameMaker 7.2b128 crashes/hangs/takes lot of time, when exporting XML in the case when the relative path of the DTD/Schema w.r.t. the output folder is greater than the absolute path of the DTD/Schema.
  • #1234318: In FrameMaker 7.2b128 Undo of color change does not work if a graphics group has a textline object in it.
  • #1232166: In FrameMaker 7.2b128, Undo of Split element leads to invalid structure. Undo all commands after that leads to a crash.
  • #1230468: In FrameMaker 7.2b128, UNIX: API clients are not getting initialized if language parameter passed is in uppercase.
  • #1225193: In FrameMaker 7.2b128, insert an image element in DITA template (at a location where it is valid with any graphic doc) and save the template as XML. Saved document has dpi and nsoffset attributes which are not defined for image element. Hence graphic object does not round trip.
  • #1225150: In FrameMaker 7.2b128, DITA: Online manuals should include DITA_Starter_Kit.pdf document for details of DITA application.
  • #1225114: In FrameMaker 7.2b128, Clicking on apply master page usage without changing anything clears Multiple undo history without any warning
  • #1224317: EPV: Moving anchor frame from outside the text frame into the text frame, does not get undone after some move and undo of graphic objects.
  • #1221337: FrameMaker 7.2b128 can not open primary document, if the filepath/stylesheet contains characters like “???”
  • #1221290: FrameMaker 7.2b128 FrameMaker Crashes if Undo-Redo is done after Drag and Drop of Book Component.
  • #1204754: FMR: Xalan:write extension should be provided with FrameMaker 7.2.
    The Xalan namespace “” is used for namespace of the write extension element. The “write” element can have a file attribute and/or a select attribute to designate the output file, a method attribute to identify the method that should be used for outputting the subsidiary output file. The method attribute is optional.
    The file attribute takes a string which can be used to directly specify the output file name. The select attribute takes an XPath expression or a stylesheet parameter which allows dynamic generation of the output file name. If both attributes are used, the “write” extension first evaluates the select attribute, and falls back to the file attribute. The “write” extension element opens the specified file, writes to it using the output method specified in its method attribute, and closes the file at the end of the element.
    The following example shows the usage of this element in a stylesheet.
    Stylesheet Example:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" xmlns:xsl="" xmlns:xalan="" extension-element-prefixes="xalan">
    <xsl:template match="/">
    Hello from the main file.
    <xsl:comment>This is a comment in the main file.</xsl:comment>
    <xalan:write file="sub.html" method="html">
    <xsl:comment>This is a comment in the new file "sub.html".</xsl:comment>
  • #1245829: In FrameMaker 7.1p116, When “convert referenced graphics; export to file” rule is used, all the graphic files present within xml are exported in a specified format but the exported xml file refers to the original graphic file paths. Hence when you open the exported file, you will get the missing graphics dialog.
  • #1244634: FrameMaker 7.1P116 and earlier versions removed the pgfReferenced tag from MIF when a paragraph containing marker for named destination is deleted and then undone.
  • #1236208: FrameMaker 6.0 and later do not show the current Paragraph Format Name in the formatting toolbar.
  • #1219618: EPV: File attribute not generated when saving graphics to XML.
  • #1215327: does not include Schema in default application definition content model.
  • #1211754: EPV: French: URI notation not coming in XML files.
  • #1202191: When using the Find/Change box on to do a search and replace across a book, Internal Error occurs. [note]
  • #1165638: Command !pu (Update Page layout) places the insertion point into another text frame with same flow tag but not autoconnected.

FM7.2b158 (released April 2006; downloadable update, 39.5MB); the ReadmeForPatchp158.txt file reports the following fixes and corrections:

  • #0655371: Tagged PDF not getting generated for a book when option to generate separate PDFs is not checked
  • #1199273: CodePoint Correction: Support added for few missing characters on Cyrillic, Central European and Baltic Codepages for Windows.
    “Please note that we haven’t added full support for these codepages. We have just enabled these codepoints. You can enter these characters in a document and use them only for display/print and pdf creation. You, however still can’t use these characters for pdf bookmarks or save as html or save as xml. These codepoints are also not supported with WebWorks Publisher Standard Edition 8.0 and for RTF Import/Export. You can’t copy/paste these characters to/from other applications. Also, there is no dictionary or spell-check support for the languages supported by these code pages.”
    (for additional details, see ATN 332864 for details; a message by Stefan Genz)
  • #1239618: When importing formats from one document to another, with the “Document Properties” category turned on, File Info items (such as Title) are reset as a result.
    The boolean flag “CopyFileInfoOnImport” can now be used in maker.ini (valid values: on/off) or .fmpreferences (valid values: true/false) to allow/disable import of File Info.
    (see “solution 3” in ATN 331895)
  • #1243985: FrameMaker 7.2b144 crashes on undo of import of 4th object.
  • #1248348: After importing an xml file, a vertically straddled cell in a table is not generated correctly when the table is forced across pages. If the table is forced into one page it is generated correctly.
  • #1249265: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, Undo of UpdateAll removes the table catalog entry from the table catalog.
  • #1249268: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, Undo of GlobalUpdate removes the table catalog entry from the table catalog.
  • #1253783: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, some CGM files from ISODraw import gives smaller dimensions than in 7.1 or 7.0 (or 6).
    (see ATN 332605 for details)
  • #1259520: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, you could not drag and drop files from windows explorer onto the FrameMaker book window.
  • #1260794: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, DITA/Samples/Concepts/garageconceptsovervi should be renamed to garageconceptsoverview.xml.
  • #1263600: If you roundtrip an xml document that uses a schema with higher ASCII characters in FrameMaker 7.2b144 using “no application”, you get a “file does not exist” error during import.
  • #1263959: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, if you have the character “ƒ” within filename/filepath of xml file and you open this XML with a StyleSheet, FrameMaker does not open the file.
    Note: A similar issue is present for character “¥”.
    Xerces replaces “¥” with slash and hence you should not use “¥” in your filename/filepath.
  • #1264951: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, History palette displays garbage text for “Delete Text” in Japanese version.
  • #1265686: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, attribute value deletion failed if the attribute is declared as #required.
  • #1265695, #1265699: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, when you import or export an XML file the DTD will be searched in the following order: $HOME, $SRCDIR, $STRUCTDIR. Hence if you have a “<!DOCTYPE root SYSTEM “./a.dtd”>” and a.dtd also exists in your $HOME then the one in $HOME will be picked.
  • #1273612: In FrameMaker 7.2b144, an underline and strikethrough is applied when an equation is exported to RTF
  • #1266621: FrameMaker 7.2b128 and & 7.2 Updater can not be installed with Korean language settings on Chinese OS.
  • #1250031: In FrameMaker 7.1, In “Save As”, when you select MicroSoft Word * options, the file gets saved with .msw extension.
  • #1207612: In FrameMaker 7.1 WMF/EMF import filter is weak -WMF couldn’t be imported.
    (listing of maker.ini entries related to the WMF filter omitted — please consult the readme file after applying the patch)