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FrameMaker 7.0 (Mostly Windows)

FrameMaker 7.0 (Mostly Windows, may apply to other platforms)

FM7.0p492, released May 2002

Note: See also issues present in previous releases of FrameMaker, as they may also apply to FrameMaker 7.0 (unless indicated otherwise)

FM7.0-specific issues present in 7.0p578:

  • (fixed in FM7.1) Distilling fails consistently when a “message openfile” hypertext marker is used and Tagged PDF information is enabled:
    %%[ Error: typecheck; OffendingCommand: pdfmark; ErrorInfo: PUT _objdef ]%%
    Workaround: turn off Generate Tagged PDF in PDF Setup
  • (fixed in FM7.1, broken in FM7.2) File Info values (File > File Info) are reset when importing formats from other documents with the Document Properties category turned on.
  • After opening Word or RTF documents in FrameMaker each paragraph ends with an invisible but selectable Carriage Return character.
    Workarounds: (1) Do a find/replace in FrameMaker, searching for “x0d” (without the quotes), replacing with nothing. (2) Saving the file as MIF also removes those characters. [Michael Müller-Hillebrand]
  • Book-wide searches may crash FrameMaker.
    Workaround: open all the files in the book before finding and replacing.
  • Save as PDF function does not report switching of drivers – output may not match current FrameMaker layout (line breaks, page breaks) or reflect missing fonts.
    Incorrect paragraph format displayed in the paragraph drop-down box in the formatting bar or in the status bar (ATN 327771);
    demonstration (AVI) of how this happens in a new document (consistently repeatable)
    Fixed in FM7.2b144.
  • Distilling may fail when creating PDFs or distilling PS files with Tagged PDF information:
    (%%[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: pdfmark; ErrorInfo: StRetrieve P127021 ]%%
    Stack: /StRetrieve) ...
    Workaround: turn off Generate Tagged PDF in PDF Setup
  • When creating a tagged PDF and generating bookmarks from structure in Acrobat, the resulting bookmarks only show tag name (but no specific text).
  • Dialog boxes (eg Designers, Conditional Text) can be resized, but without affecting items — either showing a larger gray empty area (without items being rearranged), or causing items to be cut/missing
  • Word97+ and RTF import filters are no longer installed using the [Filters] section of the maker.ini (they are commented). There is a filters/sangam/ folder which contains “Readers” and “Writers” obviously controlled by the Sangam.dll (“Adobe India Sangam Core Code”) inside the installation folder. “I had a situation where I wanted to open a folder full of RTF files directly in FrameMaker using FrameScript and now could not specify the FilterId. I finally suppressed the User Notification to have a batch process with interruption.” [Michael Müller-Hillebrand]
  • Can’t save FrameMaker 7.x files in Microsoft Word 6.0 or 7.0 (.doc) format (ATN 332443)
  • FMSGML: Bookmarks for elements which use a Run-In Head setting include text from following element.
  • FMSGML: Hierarchy cannot be specified for bookmark levels when bookmark source is “elements”.
  • When converting a FrameMaker [578-specific] book to PDF: default opening page in PS/PDF may be incorrectly set to be the first page of last chapter in a book; in other cases, the value in the “Open PDF Document on Page” field is ignored, and 1 is used by default (first page in first chapter, which may inappropriate if you have front-matter items). [The standard Ecology book (samples/overview/book) can be used to demonstrate these problems].
    (1) Modify the individual PDF in Acrobat (File > Document Properties > Open Options, Page Number)
    (2) Add a command controlling the opening page to the file, so that all distilled files will be affected:
    [ /PageMode /UseOutlines /Page 1 /DOCVIEW pdfmark
    (3) Specify the opening page/destination through the Defaults Assistant (TimeSavers add-on)
  • Switching to documents by clicking the corresponding entry in the book window may not be possible if the Paragraph Designer or Table Designer are open.
  • When reading a FM7 MIF file, FrameMaker ignores some of the PDF Setup settings.
  • Microsoft Intellimouse Scroll wheel may lock up FrameMaker when it is pressed or scrolled.
    Workaround: minimize FrameMaker and then restore it [Rick Henkel]
  • Using FM 7.0/Win2000 with MS Outlook and MS ActiveSync 3.5 leads to an internal error in FM 7.0 [7004, 5899370, 7569858, 7568538] when copying/cutting from an FM 7.0 file. To reproduce the bug: (1) open a new FM file; (2) copy something from MS Outlook to FrameMaker; (3) copy another something from MS Outlook to FM; (4) In FM, triple-click to copy the entire paragraph from (2).
    (1) Closing MS Outlook and restarting Frame allows Frame copying function to resume temporarily if and only if MS ActiveSync is in dormant mode (associated PDA is disconnected).
    (2) If one is careful to avoid copying paragraph markers in FM, then the error can be postponed.
    [Jason Aiken]
  • Results of “Bookmarks Expanded through Level” settings may be inconsistent; “268435453” may be displayed instead of All, None or Default.
    (1) Type a number in the Bookmark Expanded through Level box, indicating the bookmark level.
    (2) Use the CollapseBookmarks function (TimeSavers/Bookmark Controller).
    (3) If you need help collapsing bookmarks manually in Acrobat, use the free PlanetPDF Collapse Bookmarks Plug-in.
  • Error When Creating a WebWorks Project in FrameMaker 7.0/Win (ATN 328048)
  • Win98: Custom page sizes may be cropped incorrectly when using Save as PDF
    Workaround: Print to a PS file and distill.
  • Win98: Text in rotated table cells becomes “invisible” if it uses a PostScript font (ATM4.1.1) — format with TrueType fonts instead
  • Results of importing Word2000 files in .doc format may be unexpected — showing wrong fonts, extra and missing letters.
    Workaround: try importing RTF files. [Michael Müller-Hillebrand]
  • German version: “Warnmeldung” is inserted in Hypertext marker instead of “alert”
  • Equations Have Wrong Symbols in FrameMaker 7.0/Win after you change the default printer or save as PDF (ATN 328011)
  • Inconsistent PDF default opening mode — PDF may open in “Page Only” mode even though bookmarks are created (/DOCVIEW not included in PS file generated by FrameMaker)
  • FrameMaker 7.0 Doesn’t Recognize Changes Made to the Maker.ini File (ATN 327344)
  • Custom Pages Are Rotated in a PDF File Created from FrameMaker 7.0 in Win98/ME (ATN 327421)
  • Acrobat 4.05 Is Missing After You Install FrameMaker 7.0/Win (ATN 324615)
  • Stroke Lines in CGM Graphics Don’t Print in FrameMaker 7.0/Win Documents (ATN 328016)
  • Group4 fax encoded TIFF files are not displayed or printed correctly.
  • Embedded TIFF images slow the display significantly.
  • When opening file.sgm, FrameMaker displays the Unknown Filetype dialog box.
  • FMSGML: Marker Text is Included in Bookmarks from Elements
  • FMSGML: Spelling checker may skip elements, loop around elements, or not respond.
  • FMSGML: Marker element may be included in PDF bookmarks, merged with previous headings, even though they are listed under “don’t include”.
  • FMSGML: Space in the name of root element in a DTD causes an error

Apply Master Pages function:

  • [1] Apply Master Pages function ignores paragraphs in tables (body, heading rows or title), footnotes, text frames in anchored frames
  • [2] When a master page is triggered by an element, “Span pages” refers to pages spanned by the first paragraph of the element, not to pages spanned by the entire element. [Lynne A. Price]
  • [3] When “Span pages” is specified and a page break occurs immediately after the triggering paragraph (or the first paragraph in the triggering element), FrameMaker applies the specified master pages to all pages of this paragraph and to the following page. [Lynne A. Price]
  • [4] When File > Utilities > Convert Structured Documents is used to create FrameMaker documents from all SGML or XML documents in a directory, FrameMaker does not apply master pages. [Lynne A. Price]
  • [5] Formatting and context labels in a structured book can be determined by elements and attributes in the book file as well as those in the individual book components. When import of an XML or SGML document causes FrameMaker to create a book, it applies master pages before considering the book structure. In particular, the context label for an element in a document may be determined by an attribute on the highest-level or other element in a book. The context label may be used in the master page map. Since the context label will not have been set when FrameMaker applies master pages, the results will be incorrect.
    Workaround: reapply master pages after opening the original XML or SGML document. [Lynne A. Price]

Fixed in version 7.0p578 (downloadable patch, Windows):

  • FrameMaker often crashes when printing books with Acrobat data (error: 7004,6055410,7657059,0)
    (1) Open the first chapter in the book (or the chapter which has the opening page, as specified in the PDF Setup, Settings, Open PDF Document on Page).
    also see ATN 328769, Internal Error “…7004, 6055410, 7657059, 0” When You Save or Print to Adobe PDF from FrameMaker (7.0 on Windows)
    (2) in the PDF Setup dialog box, Bookmarks tab, type 1 in the Bookmarks Expanded Through Level field.
    also see ATN 318572: Error “7004, 6055410 . . “, Crash, or Options for Bookmarks Aren’t Retained in FrameMaker 7
  • Results of “Bookmarks Expanded through Level” settings are inconsistent; “268435453” may be displayed instead of All, None or Default; a value of 0 may crash FrameMaker (error: 7004, 4379400, 6666635, 6666549).
    (1) Type a number in the Bookmark Expanded through Level box.
    (2) Use the CollapseBookmarks function (TimeSavers/Bookmark Controller).
    (3) If you need help collapsing bookmarks manually in Acrobat, use the free PlanetPDF Collapse Bookmarks Plug-in.
  • Error “Cannot display some imported graphics…” in FrameMaker 7.0 Document with TIFF Images Imported by Reference (ATN 325394)
  • “The maximum number of commands for all FM API Clients has been increased to 2017 in FrameMaker 7.0P578. Previously the limit was 250. Beyond this limit a client will be able to add a menu item but it will not be able to receive the command when user presses that menu item.” (quoted from ReadmeForPatch.txt, #584073)
  • “FrameMaker 7.0 adds xml:space attribute to an element and all it’s children if the element has preserve line break rule specified in the read write rules file. Some times FrameMaker 7.0 adds multiple xml:space attributes to a single element. This was making the XML invalid as the DTD was not containing the xml:space attribute. This issue has been resolved in this patch release. FrameMaker 7.0P578 will not be adding xml:space for preserve line breaks rule applied to any element and its child elements. This is because preserve line breaks applies only to the element for which it is defined whereas xml:space is applied for children also. This means the two are not equivalent.” (quoted from ReadmeForPatch.txt, #584083)
  • “In the DTD, an attribute can have a declared default value and also have an optional #FIXED keyword which means that the attribute must have the same default value that is declared in the DTD. In both these cases, FrameMaker 7.0 writes out these attributes to elements even though the element does not have the attributes specified in the input XML or the Frame structured document. This was working fine for SGML saving, but not for XML, and this has been fixed in this patch release.” (quoted from ReadmeForPatch.txt, #584172)

U.K.-English Templates Update for FrameMaker 7.0p492: Windows, MacOS

Fixed by the Word/RTF/Excel Filter update (Win, MacOS, apply to FM7.0p576):

  • Word import (all languages): The filter deletes the first letter of the footnote description if there is no space after the footnote number
  • Word and Excel import, RTF import and export (Japanese only): The filter drops table border formatting
  • Word and Excel import, RTF import and export (CCK only): The filter translation of CCK characters results in garbage displayed.

Fixed in version 7.0p576: (downloadable patch, Windows, MacOS or Unix; see Adobe’s list of bugs fixed in this patch — English, German, French or Japanese):

The ReadMeFirst.html file found in the FM7 installation folder has more information on the following issues:

All platforms:

  • FMSGML: Core Element Hierarchy Indicator not Preserved across Languages (504367)
  • Apply Master Page table names are localized and will be duplicated across language versions (512646)
  • New date building blocks: <$currenttime>, <$modificationtime>, <$creationtime> (513145)
  • SVG facets appear differently on different platforms when imported by reference (496221)
  • FMSGML: The “pgwide” and other attributes on elements other than CALS table elements are dropped when opening or importing a DTD into an EDD (255731)
  • The read/write rule ‘fm property dpi value’ doesn’t do anything (452193)
  • Processing instructions following the root element are ignored, and will cause a spurious error (498134)
  • Line spacing and display may be incorrect if Bold versions of fonts are not available, but Bold Italic versions are (501905)
  • FMSGML: FrameMaker may lose memory doing batch conversions of SGML documents (514700)
  • “reader character map is” rule does not apply to XML (469916)
  • Elements with namespace identifiers lose their colons when saved to XML from FM+SGML 6.0 (510757)
  • The root element name of an XML or SGML document and DTD may only use ASCII chars (512720)
  • XMLCss feature is available but obsolete in FrameMaker 7.0 (513485)
  • FMSGML: Element names in XML are limited to 255 bytes or less (500498)
  • Doc Compare with documents containing XML CDATA sections reports wrong differences in the composite document (515837)
  • Differing definitions of XML parsing error positions (515013)
  • Attributes defined with a default string containing only whitespace are treated as empty values (499685)
  • Use <No Application> when saving changes made to XML text insets (492905)
  • Picture bullets from Microsoft Word XP are not imported correctly (497458)
  • Paragraph styles other then Normal with overrides will not show the override asterisk in FrameMaker (503793)
  • Files saved as RTF and imported into FrameMaker or opened in Word loses Overline attribute (516363)


  • FrameMaker 7.0 documents may show FrameMaker 6.0 icons after installing FrameMaker 7.0; opening them will launch FrameMaker 6.0 (497761)
  • Additional keyboard navigation for Formatting Bar and Quick Access Bar (514635)
  • Applications creating PDF with Custom Page Sizes on Win98 or ME may get rotated pages in the PDF file (511538)
  • FrameMaker will crash if the splash screen is turned off and Help > About is selected (507486); see FrameMaker 6.x or 7.0 Crashes in Windows if You Choose Help > About FrameMaker (ATN 327291)
  • Opening Microsoft Office for Macintosh files with Import by Reference Graphics may display BadFileName (510332 514182)


  • “FrameMaker PDF Writer” desktop printer use (508261 516227)
  • Save As PDF error on Mac with the LaserWriter printer driver selected (516068)
  • Damaged aliases may cause problems (510980)
  • Hidden Acrobat installation dialog may appear to be a system hang (512377)
  • Supported web browsers for Online Help, XML display (513443 514063)
  • First page too small when creating PDF files (516152 500198)
  • Set PlugIns path in CodeWarrior project for DocBook/xDocBook sample clients (512247)
  • Missing filename not always displayed in Missing File window for Import by Reference graphics (501512)
  • URL Access extension required for FrameMaker 7.0 (515807)
  • Additional memory requirements for large XML documents or large DTDs (470390)


  • Correction needed for “Enabling Asian Language Features” alert (411811)
  • xresources of the form makersgml.* no longer work; use Maker.* instead (453785)
  • FrameMaker will crash if read permissions are removed from Symbol font files in $FMHOME/fminit/fontdir (470171)
  • Initial launch times for FrameMaker 7.0 may be longer than previous versions (470324)
  • Understanding where FrameMaker looks for fonts (513775)
  • Updated patch requirements for FrameMaker 7.0 running on HP-UX (488998)
  • Improper exit, hang on second launch, or hang when printing with FrameMaker 7.0 (516014)
  • fmtooltalk is no longer supported for Solaris OpenWin or AIX CDE (494719)