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FlipAlbum Standard 6.0

FlipAlbum Standard is a digital photo album software offering photo enthusiasts an easier, better way to organize & share their digital photos. It is easy to use, yet highly customizable, and is suitable for both beginners and experts. FlipAlbum can automatically create realistic, book-like albums with a natural, intuitive interface. You can share your albums online with family and friends, who will be able to flip through them like they would a real photo album. FlipAlbum Standard will help you organize your digital photos into annotated albums and save you time searching through folders for a particular photo.

Version 6.0 includes layout templates and customizable table of contents.

E-Book Systems

Founded in 1998, E-Book Systems aims at providing a superior method for the organizing and viewing of digital information, with its patented Digital Flip Technology. Digital Flip Technology shapes the digital future with its ability to recreate the common page-flipping motion, and organizational design of a physical book–through a powerful, yet intuitively simple user interface. Also, Digital Flip Technology provides the capability to incorporate multimedia contents such as video, audio, animations, and images in any digital publication.

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