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FlashPaper 2.0 ActionScript API

A FlashPaper 2.0 document exposes a single function at the root level:

function getIFlashPaper():FlashPaper.IFlashPaper; 

This returns an object that implements the IFlashPaper interface. If this function is not defined, then the SWF file is not a FlashPaper 2.0 document. If this function exists, but returns a value of null or undefined, then the SWF file is a FlashPaper 2.0 document, but has not yet loaded enough to access the API; you must wait for it to load more fully and call it again.

The IFlashPaper interface in ActionScript 2.0 looks like this:

interface FlashPaper.IFlashPaper
function addListener(listener:Object):Void;
function removeListener(listener:Object):Void;
function getViewerType():String;

function getViewerVersion():Number;
function getCurrentPage():Number;
function setCurrentPage(pageNumber:Number):Void;
function getNumberOfPages():Number;
function getLoadedPages():Number;
function showUIElement(part:String, flag:Boolean):Void;
function printTheDocument():Boolean;
function setCurrentZoom(percent:Object):Void;
function getCurrentZoom():Number;
function setSize(w:Number, h:Number):Boolean;
function goToLinkTarget(linktarget:String, window:Object):Void;
function enableScrolling(flag:Boolean):Boolean;
function getCurrentTool():String;
function setCurrentTool(tool:String):Boolean;
function getTextSelectionRange():FlashPaper.SelectionRange;
function setTextSelectionRange(sel:FlashPaper.SelectionRange,
function getSelectedText():String;
function getSidebarWidth():Number;
function setSidebarWidth(w:Number):Void;
function getFindText():String;
function setFindText(s:String):Void;
function findNext():Boolean;
function getVisibleArea():Object;
function setVisibleArea(area:Object, skipBroadcast:Boolean):Void;

That’s a lot of functions—let’s take a look at each one.