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Flash Video Template: Video Presentation with Navigation

This video presentation Flash template is great for basic video presentations, such as when you want the user to see the main topics of a video and be able to navigate quickly to them. It does not contain some of the more sophisticated features such as synchronizing content on the screen with the video playback, as described in my other tutorial, Flash Video Template: Spokesperson Presentation with Synchronized Graphics. However, you should have little trouble modifying it to work well for your own needs.

Preview the Video Presentation with Navigation template

This is the second version of the template updated to work with the new Flash Professional 8 FLVPlayback component and the FLVPlayback behaviors that I designed. The updated template is built on a standard Flash timeline and has been simplified for easier editing and customization. The template features a video and navigation buttons, which allow the user to jump to topics within the video.

Consider applying the following special touches to bring this presentation to life in your company:

  • Add your own video, resize it, and then position it anywhere on the page
  • Add your company graphics and colors to any part of the presentation, including the background
  • Update the text, graphics, or colors on any button
  • Move the navigation bar to the top, sides—anywhere you like

You can easily change this template to fit your needs.

This article describes how to modify all the basic characteristics so your project looks as you want. For example, you will certainly want to add your own video to this presentation. After that, you can update the button text along the left side of the presentation. Finally, you can change the color schemes and logos to match your own.


To complete this tutorial you will need to install the following software and files:

Flash Professional 8

Sample files:

Prerequisite Knowledge

This article is geared towards beginning Flash users and developers who are interested in using a simple video navigation template. While programming experience is not necessary to understand the tutorial, you may find it beneficial to review the Flash Video Learning Guide.