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Flash Video Template: Spokesperson Presentation with Synchronized Graphics

Spokesperson Presentation with Synchronized Graphics

The synchronized text/video presentation Flash file shows a great example of bringing a corporate-type presentation to life on the web. Compared to standard static slide shows, this simple-looking presentation captivates audiences because it combines audio, video, and animation. The template features video, slides that synchronize text and graphics to the video, and navigation buttons along the bottom. While the video plays, the slides change at preset times and the navigation buttons highlight the relevant topic. When the user clicks one of the buttons, the video and slides position themselves to that topic automatically.

Preview the Synchronized Text/Video Presentation template

Here are some examples of how you can jazz up this presentation for your needs:

  • Add your own video, resize it, and position it anywhere on the page
  • Add company graphics and colors to any part of the presentation, including the background
  • Add buttons, text, and so on to the navigation bar at the bottom
  • Move the navigation bar to the top or the sides
  • Add your own text and graphics that appear synchronized with your video
  • Add FLVPlayback UI components for customizable video controls

This article provides an overview of the template structure and process required to transform the supplied file into a customized presentation suited for your own needs. 


To make this most of this tutorial, you need to install the following software and files:

Flash Professional 8

Flash Media Server 2

Note: Although it is optional for this tutorial, Flash Media Server 2 enables you to use streaming video downloads instead of progressive video downloads. For more information, see the “Working with Streaming Video” section of this article.

Sample files:

Prerequisite Knowledge

This article is geared towards beginning Flash users and developers who are interested in getting up to speed on video synchronization techniques. While programming experience is not necessary to understand the article, you may find it beneficial to review the Flash Video Learning Guide.