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Flash MX 2004 ActionScript Learning Guide: Overview

Flash MX 2004 ActionScript Learning Guide: Overview

ActionScript is the scripting language for Macromedia Flash. It makes your Flash content interactive. ActionScript provides a more efficient way to do things in Flash, from creating simple animations through designing complex application interfaces. With the release of Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Macromedia introduced ActionScript 2.0. Where to start?

ActionScript 1.0 is fine for most general purposes. Want to generate some simple interactivity when a user clicks a button? Go with ActionScript 1.0. But for creating more complex code, ActionScript 2.0 starts to look more appropriate.

ActionScript 2.0 is an object-oriented programming language that supports full class inheritance and all the features that developers demand from a mature language. It gives you a more flexible programming environment and superior debugging abilities.

To find out whether ActionScript 2.0 is right for your project or whether ActionScript 1.0 is the simpler, faster solution, check out our resources so you can make the call and be as efficient as possible for every project.