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File sharing and versioning with Version Cue CS2

Productivity made simple

Find files fast, track versions across applications, link files together, and share them in creative collaboration without fear of overwriting someone else’s work.


Shared project information

Actively track the status of project files and enable this information to be easily shared across workgroups.

Simplified sharing for small workgroups

Easily share files with others within the Version Cue Workspace and keep your files safe without fear of them being overwritten. View the status of each file to know who is working on what file.

Automatic file naming

Say good-bye to awkward filenames such as “brochure_final_final3.indd.” Instead, you can name a file to suit your preferences and let Version Cue handle the version tracking without the need for a naming convention.

File version notification

Receive helpful reminders while updating versions or placing photos and illustrations in layouts.