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Features – Extensibility


Create scripting functions that can be stored either internally or externally and shared with others. User-defined script functions reduce script size and improve maintainability. Several new functions let you add versatility to your commands and Knowledge Objects.

Nonmodal Commands

Nonmodal commands make it easier to write and use such commands as the improved spell checker, bug trackers, and importers.

Fully Scriptable

All properties within Authorware can now be scripted. This makes it easier for advanced developers to create commands, Knowledge Objects, and extensible content.

Xtra Extensions

Extend Authorware with third-party plug-ins called Xtra extensions. These extensions can provide such additional functions as printing, encryption, advanced database support, and text-to-speech.

Extensible Commands Menu

You can now launch the RTF Objects Editor or the Find Xtras command from the Commands menu. Leverage over 35 new open properties to create custom commands. Authorware recognizes any packaged Authorware file in the Commands directory, and automatically adds it to your Commands menu.