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Fast Hair

Author: Vlad Gerasimov

How to quickly draw a creature with hairy body.

In this short tutorial, I’ll share the technique I discovered while trying to quickly draw a creature with hairy body. Ideally, you need Wacom and a lot of time – then the hair you draw will be very good indeed. However, I found that this technique is not bad too, and it’s much faster.

So, to start with, create a shape of… something :-)
Fast hair - Step 1

I made this shape only as example.
Fast hair - Step 2

Create new layer, fill it with grey.
Fast hair - Step 3

Apply a lot of Noise effect (Filter menu – Noise – Add noise) – about 150.
Fast hair - Step 4

Set layer opacity to 60-70% – so that you can see the edges of shape you made before. Then, switch to Smudge tool.
Fast hair - Step 5

In Smudge tool settings (on top bar), open Brush window, and from default brushes, select the one that has 100 as default size (third from end). Keep strength at 50%.
Fast hair - Step 6

With your mouse (or pen), make a lof os short strokes in the directions that you want your hair to follow.
Fast hair - Step 7

Move by move, smudge the area that overlays above the shape, plus some area around it. Do not leave un-smudged noised areas inside your shape.
Fast hair - Step 8

Apply Sharpen effect – Filter – Sharpen – Sharpen. Then again, and again, until the hair is sharp enough.
Fast hair - Step 9

Finally, group this layer with previous (Layer menu – Create clipping mask) and set its blend mode to Overlay. Ta-da!

(This particular image does not look very polished, but you get the idea? :-)
Fast hair - Step 10

From that, with another couple of touches, we can make… a weird hairy creature!
Fast hair - Step 11