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Exporting Your Simulation from Captivate

Exporting Your Simulation from Captivate

When you have added your questions, export the simulation so that you can use it in Perception. This export creates a Flash SWF file and a Perception QML file.

To export your simulation for Perception, use the following steps.

  1. Select Movie > Quiz Manager… in Captivate (Figure 4).

    Setting the output options

    Figure 4. Setting the output options

  2. Select Questionmark Perception as the output option.
  3. To create the necessary Flash SWF file and the Perception QML file, select File > Publish (Figure 5).

    Publishing a simulation

    Figure 5. Publishing a simulation

  4. Click the Flash (SWF) button on the left and select the Export HTML option.
  5. Click the Publish button.

    Captivate generates the Flash SWF file and the Perception QML file in the folder you specified (these files are content_packager.swf and content_packager.qml in this example).

  6. Copy the Flash file to the to the authoring
    folder of your Perception authoring software installation.