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Export 2D graphics

Use the Illustration toolbar to output 2D vector and raster graphics files from models.

1 Choose File > Open, and open 01_Gear_Brake_No_animation.u3d.

2 If necessary, choose View > Controls And Toolbars

 > Illustration to open the Illustration toolbar.

3 Click the Vector button on the Illustration toolbar.

Click the Vector button in the Vector Illustration dialog box for advanced output options.

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4 Click Browse and select a destination for the exported file, or type a path into the File text box.

5 Choose an output format from the File Format pop-up menu, such as SVG or SWF. This menu defaults to Adobe IllustratorĀ® AI. When you save the exported file in AI format, you can easily process it further in Illustrator if you choose.

6 Click Render to start the rendering process. Then double-click the exported file to open it for further editing in your vector illustration software.

7 In Acrobat 3D Toolkit, reopen the model 01_Gear_Brake_No_animation.u3d if necessary, and click the Raster button on the Illustration toolbar. Click Software Z-buffer in the top options box.

8 Click Render to preview the results. If you are satisfied, change the top setting to Raytracer to output a final, highest-quality graphics file. As the Raytracer can take a significant amount of time to draw a complex graphic, you should always use the Software Z-buffer setting to preview the results.

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