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Evanescence Font

The band’s font was created for them as Fallen was in design. The font gives you a full alphabet plus the variant characters used on Evanescence’s Fallen album (such as the encircled E and logo). This Series B font is harder to use. There are MANY copies of some characters and you have to pick the correct one for each phrase by going into the ALT-codes. Welcome to the way the professionals work.

Note: Do not remove the copyright from the files. The fonts are issued for personal use only (such as websites), and as a means to generate nonprofit publicity material for the band, such as tour flyers and so on. No commercial sale of the font or goods rendered using the font is permitted without permission from us. Under the terms of the associated trademarks you are expressly forbidden to use our fonts to produce merchandise of any description covered by the trademark clauses held by the band and their management.

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