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Enabling and Configuring Tracking Options in the Quiz Manager

Enabling and Configuring Tracking Options in the Quiz Manager

To enable tracking and send results to any of the tracking mechanisms, you need to enable output options:

  1. Select Movie > Quiz Manager… from the menu (you could have done this by clicking the “Quiz” button available in the lower-left corner of the Question dialog box, above).
  2. Select the Enable output options button option.
  3. Select E-mail as the output option and enter a valid e-mail address in the appropriate field.
  4. In the Report Score to LMS, select Percent instead of Score (Figure 6).

    Quiz Manager Dialog: Enabling e-mail tracking

    Figure 6. Quiz Manager Dialog: Enabling e-mail tracking

  5. Use the options in the Quiz Manager dialog box to:

    • Change the reporting level to:

      • Send tracking data and interaction data

        Note: Not all LMSs track interaction-level details; many track only “core” data fields. You may need to contact your LMS vendor or administrator to find out if interaction-level tracking is supported.

      • Send only tracking data. The tracking data that it sends includes basic “core” data such as:

        • Score: How well the student performed with tracking interactions
        • Location: Where the student left off, or where they currently are
        • Status: Whether the student has completed, passed or failed
        • Time: The amount of time spent in this session
        • Lesson or Resume data: State data, including how the student answered specific questions
    • Report status as:

      • Complete/Incomplete, even if student failed to achieve a passing score
      • Pass/Fail, based on the student’s score
    • Report score as:

      • Score (Typically a score based on the number of interactions presented to the user, in Raw, Min, Max format or as “8, 0, 10.” If the student had 10 questions and they answered 8 of them correctly, for instance.)
      • Percent (percentage of overall score, such as “80” for 80%)
    • Passing settings:

      • Percentage: the minimum percentage needed to pass
      • Score: the minimum number of correct questions required to pass
  6. Click OK to save settings and close the dialog box.