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Dropping in Text

Dropping in Text

Once again, I whip out the Layout Grid to help me assemble the body of my News page, which is more or less duplicated for the other content pages: Biography, Discography, Media. All of these pages consist of a header image and then just raw, animal text.

Next I use the Image and Layout Text icons from the Palette to lay out the page the way I want it. With the Text tool, you just type in the text and format it with the toolbar, just as you would in a word processor.

So far, so good.

Yes, the program generates some head-scratching code, but the site I have right now looks just how I want it, and it was far easier to try different layouts by dragging stuff around than it was to come up with new groups of tables every time I want to reposition an image. I could also play around with different color schemes and fonts and see the changes instantaneously.

But I’m just scratching the surface. Using GoLive to assemble a simple little six-page site is sort of overkill. So let’s dig a little deeper into GoLive’s toolbox and add a few bells and maybe a whistle, starting with the inevitable JavaScript rollovers.