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Dreamweaver 8 Reviewed – New Stuff

New Stuff


Dreamweaver offers great new support for CSS. The unified CSS panel puts all aspects of using, learning, and mastering CSS into one panel. It’s now very easy to understand visually how styles cascade for a selected element. The rendering of styles is also vastly improved in Dreamweaver 8, which even goes so far as to support advanced CSS like pseudo-elements, and overflow. MX 2004 had some CSS functionality, but this new CSS panel is such an improvement that I consider it a brand new feature.

The new tie-in with comparison utilities lets you directly tie Dreamweaver to a host of popular code comparison tools, like Beyond Compare, Araxis Merge, and more. Right from within the Files panel, you can compare your file with the version on the testing server. During file gets and puts, Dreamweaver will alert you if the files don’t match, allowing you to open the merge tool before Dreamweaver completes the task.