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Drawing a gift tag

With this tutorial I am going to show you how to draw a gift tag like the one below. Of course this tutorial isn’t going to teach you something that you are going to use everyday, but I believe it’s useful because learning to draw simple objects like that is going to help develop your Photoshop drawing skills and gradually move on to more complex objects.

Photoshop tutorial final result

I started by creating a new file 600*600 pixels. The first step is to add a few guides. I added a total of 8 guides like shown in the image below. The vertical guides are at 100, 350 and 450 pixels and the horizontal ones are at 200, 250, 300, 350 and 400 pixels.

guides position

Then take the pen tool and click on the highlighted points to create the gift tag outline.

highlighted path points

Select the ellipse tool Photoshop ellipse tool

Check the “Subtract from shape area” option Subtract from shape area option
and draw a circle at the position shown at the screenshot below.

photoshop custom gift tag shape

Our gift tag shape is now ready and you can save it as a custom shape by right clicking and selecting “Define Custom Shape”

define gift tag shape

and giving it a name

give shape a name

Now create a new document or open the document where you want to add the gift tag or of course you can continue working on the original one, select the custom shape tool and draw your gift tag. (select a dull color, I used #B9AF8D) You should have something like this.


Add a drop shadow effect to the gift tag layer.

drop shadow layer effect

Now select once more the Custom shape tool and pick an ornamental shape. Place it on your gift tag (color=black)

decorating the gift tag

Set the opacity of this new layer to 30% and the blending mode to Soft light.

added ornamental shape

Select the text tool and using a calligraphic font add your text.

add text

Now Select the Elliptical Marquee tool and draw a selection like the one shown below. If you cannot achieve that with the first try you can free transform your selection (Ctrl+T).

elliptical selection

Go to Select -> Modify -> Border and use a value of five.

border selection by 5 pixels

Create a new layer and fill the selection with any color. Then apply these layer effects to this new layer.
bevel settings
gradient overlay settings

And our gift tag is ready.

Photoshop tutorial final result