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Designing with the Document Window

Designing with the Document Window

Returning to the Files tab in the Site Window, I see that all of my newly created files have been added to the list. By double-clicking on index.html, I bring up the second major work space of GoLive: the Document Window. This is where the design work happens, and, as with much of GoLive, you can work with your pages in a variety of ways.

By default, the Layout View opens up first. This is the straight-up WYSIWYG section. I’m presented with an empty page with a good ol’ gray background. My first creation will be my splash page. I want a bright orange background and a centered image linked to the main page. I know, I can’t help being a visionary. This is my burden.

The default page title appears just below the tabs; change it by simply selecting the text and typing something in. Clicking the little page icon next to the title will turn the Inspector into Page Inspector, which allows you to modify the stuff that’s found in the <<BODY>> tags: background color, link colors, background image, etc.

Page Inspector

I change the background from gray to orange by clicking on the Color box and choosing orange from one of the many color palettes available. You can also do this with the Color palette that lurks in the lower-right-hand corner.

Color Palette

This palette contains even more color choices, including RGB, grayscale, and Web-safe colors. Find the color you need and drag a swatch from the palette onto whatever you want to color, like the background color in the Page Inspector or a piece of text in the Document Window.