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Designing Mobile SVG Tiny content

Designing Mobile SVG Tiny content

Adobe has teamed up with Ikivo, the creator of the leading mobile SVG viewer, to help you design and develop rich animated SVG Tiny content for mobile devices. As the de facto interactive standard for mobile, SVG Tiny is now natively supported by mobile devices and their operating systems. More than 2 billion SVG Tiny-enabled smart and feature phones are expected to ship in the next three years, offering diverse and rapidly growing opportunities in mobile content development. Adobe and Ikivo are working together to deliver the authoring tools you need to take your content mobile.

A Mobile SVG Tiny Workflow

Using the AdobeĀ® Creative Suite together with Ikivo Animator, you can set up a flexible workflow for designing and animating mobile content. This workflow includes:

To design animated SVG-t content, first create objects, shapes, and backgrounds in Illustrator CS2. Then, using Ikivo Animator, move, scale, rotate, and change the attributes, such as color or visibility, of these objects over time. You can also add hyperlinks and mouse events. As you work in Ikivo Animator, precisely preview the results for your target mobile devices. And once your animations are complete, incorporate them into XHTML pages designed in GoLive CS2, or use the GoLive SMIL Editor to design MMS presentations with SVG-t animations and sound.