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Deploying your custom pages

Deploying your custom pages

The major hurdle to customizing Macromedia Contribute in this first release is the lack of support for the Extension Manager. This is similar to the early days of Dreamweaver when you installed extensions by copying files manually. To add your own Welcome page (and all of its assets), try one of these three options:

  • Deliver the files with a help file that describes where the files should be copied.
  • Use a third-party installer to deploy the files in an existing installation of Contribute. Unless you know for sure that Contribute is always installed in the same location, the installer should be able to read the Windows registry and locate the Contribute installation folder.
  • Use a third-party installer to deploy a new installation of Contribute bundled with the Welcome page. This option requires a more sophisticated installer than the second option.

If you decide to go the third-party installer route, there are numerous options available, from the extremely high-end (and costly) to low-end, shareware versions. Whichever route you take, once the installation is complete, your business stands to benefit by associating your brand with that of easy-to-use, powerful Macromedia Contribute.