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Define HTML style properties.

Define HTML style properties.

Click the Font Properties tab in the CSS Editor, click the lower right corner of the Color field, and choose a color from the swatches that appear (to choose another swatch set, select one from the list beneath the color swatches). Choose Pixel from the Size menu, and then type 22 in the Size text box. Click the Create New Font Family button and choose a font family from the menu. GoLive displays the color, size, and font you’ve applied to the h1 element in the Preview Styles pane at the bottom of the CSS Editor. Click the Selector and Properties tab and note that GoLive has added the color and font-family properties and modified the Font Size value.

The CSS Editor contains all the style properties that GoLive (and most browsers) support, including Font, Text, Block, Margin, Padding, Border, Outline, List Item and Background properties. You can safely experiment with properties in the CSS Editor—try applying them to a style and preview the style’s appearance in the Preview Styles pane. If you don’t like a property you’ve set, simply choose Edit > Undo Change CSS Property.