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Deconstructing FreeHand graphics Part 1: Draw a string of pearls

Draw a string of pearls

A string of pearls is much easier to draw than it might seem. You begin by drawing a path that represents the string inside the string of pearls. Next, draw a small sphere to create a pearl. Use the pearl to create a brush, and then use that brush as the stroke for the path you drew first.

1 Drawing from left to right, use the Pen tool or the Pencil tool to draw an open path.

2 Use the Ellipse tool to draw a small circle.

3 Use the Fill inspector to fill the circle with a gradient fill. Apply the following settings in the Fill inspector:
Click the radial gradient fill button, then drag the center point in the preview up and to the left.
Drag the Pearl Shadow color swatch to the color swatch at the left side of the gradient sample.
Drag the Pearl Color swatch to the approximate center of the gradient sample.
Drag the White color swatch just to the left of the right end of the gradient sample.

4 Remove the stroke (if any) from the pearl.

5 Select the pearl and choose Modify > Brush > Create Brush to convert the pearl to a brush. In the dialog box that appears, click Convert.
6 In the Edit Brush dialog box, enter the following settings:
Type String of Pearls for Brush Name.
Select Spray.
Deselect Orient on Path.
Choose Fixed from the Spacing pop-up menu, and set the minimum spacing to 95%.

7 Click OK to create the String of Pearls brush.
8 Delete the original pearl.
9 Select the path you drew for the string, then use the Stroke inspector to choose Brush as the stroke type for the path, and String of Pearls as the brush.
10 Place the string of pearls on the simple grid in the approximate location it appears in the sample image
11 Select the Cup and use Modify > Arrange > Bring to Front to place it in front of the pearls.