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Debugging Security Problems

Debugging Security Problems

As we mentioned earlier in the section Security Restrictions for Data Loading, you can diagnose data-loading problems caused by differences between Flash Player 6 and Flash Player 7 using the mm.cfg and flashlog.txt files. However, you can debug security in your movies more comprehensively by publishing your movies with debugging enabled. Play your movies from their production URLs using the Debug version of a browser player (ActiveX control or plug-in) and connect to the Macromedia Flash MX authoring application when playback begins. When movies play while connected to the Macromedia Flash Debugger, warning messages appear in the Output panel if a security check fails. These warning messages report the URLs involved in the security check, which help you determine security-related problems so you can fix them.

Macromedia Flash Player 7 continues to improve on the Flash Player tradition of stability, performance, and security. With the changes described in this article—exact domain matching and HTTPS protection—Flash Player 7 fulfills the Internet community’s expectations for client-side security better than before.

The introduction of policy files also makes Macromedia Flash Player’s security model more flexible to the needs of Flash developers. Previously, it was impossible to load non-SWF data from other domains. Now Flash developers can do so easily. This new permission mechanism opens the way to a whole new class of Rich Internet Application, including applications that can access web services directly from the client.