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Custom Unique Text

Start by creating a new document any size. Select the Horizontal Type Tool and type your text. For this tutorial I have simply typed “text”.

typed text image

Now right click on your text and select “Convert to Shape”

Convert to Shape Photoshop Command

Now we can modify our text to whatever we like. In order to give an example for this tutorial I am simply going to modify the “X”.

I selected the “Delete Anchor Point” tool Delete Anchor Point tooland I deleted the anchor points that you can see in the next picture.
deleted anchor points

and here is my result.

modified text example

Then I picked the “Direct Selection” tool and I just dragged two of the anchor points et voila.

final result of Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Of course this is just a simple example, in this case I have just modified one letter of my word, however I could have modified more or even all of them. In addition to that the editing possibilities are endless. If you want you can add anchor points to different locations, modify the bezier curves etc in order to create your unique text.