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Creating a Single-Source Project

Creating a Single-Source Project

Once the documentation is written, edit the topics to accommodate two conditions (see Figure 2):

  • Show Me link placement in topics that contain Captivate demos or simulations
  • Close This Window button placement in designated field-level topics

Graphics and buttons should appear conditionally, based on the user's actions

Figure 2. Graphics and buttons should appear conditionally, based on the user’s actions

However, having these two elements (Show Me graphic and Close This Window button) in the same topic could be difficult to manage. This is because the window-level help that appears from the Help link should contain the Show Me link, but not the Close This Window button.

On the other hand, the opposite is true for the field-level topics! This seems to defeat the goal of keeping the project as a single source without duplicating topics. Fortunately, RoboHelp provides a two-part solution:

  • Creating conditional build tags for the two variables
  • Creating single-source layouts for window-level and field-level output