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Creating a new page in Contribute


Creating a new page in Contribute

To create a new page, you can use the New Page dialog, which lets you select what sort of page to create. Macromedia designed Contribute to work with Dreamweaver MX, so you can allow your contributors to create new pages based on Dreamweaver MX templates. This protects your site’s design effectively. Contributors can select the Contribute sample web pages, or create them from scratch. The following approach is my favorite, from an existing page.

  1. From the toolbar, click the New Page button. This displays the New Page dialog box as shown in Figure 7.
Figure 7. New Page dialog box.
Figure 7. New Page dialog box.
  1. In the New Page dialog box, click Supplier Template and name the page Ecco Supplier Datasheet in the Page title text box.

    The new page from the Supplier Template appears in the window in the Contributor editor.

  2. Select Save for Later for the new page. This option saves a draft of the file locally. You can re-open the file as often as you like to edit it, but the remote side doesn’t contain the page yet. To save the file and move it to the remote server, click the Publish button.