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Create the source of your link so that you can test the link in PageMaker

 Create the source of your link so that you can test the link in PageMaker.

Go to the page containing the text or graphic that you want to make the source of the link (a). Select the text or graphic, and then click the Anchor button next to the anchor you created in the Hyperlinks palette. Name the source to your link (b). To test the link, click the Hand tool in the tool box (c). Any links you’ve created appear with a blue outline around them. (This outline indicates the links only when you’re in Browse mode in PageMaker. When links are exported to PDF files, they appear as you designed them in PageMaker. In HTML, they adopt the Browser default link style.)
You can link from your PageMaker document to any URL, whether it’s a path to a local file or to a location on the Web. And you can add many URLs to your palette at once by importing them from a file or from a location on the Web. Check the next step for details.