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Create animation

To deliver a richer user experience and convey more information more clearly, Acrobat 3D allows you to quickly animate 3D models.

1 Choose File > Open, and open 01_Gear_Brake_No_animation.u3d.

2 If necessary, choose View > Controls And Toolbars > 3D Editor to open the 3D Editor toolbar. Then click the Edit Keyframes button to begin recording. The Timeline bar is now highlighted in red at the bottom of the screen, indicating that keyframe recording is in progress.

3 Move the Timeline slider to 10 units, and then select the Move tool in the CAD Tools toolbar.

Move the timeline slider and the parts to create complex animations such as detailed exploding disassembly and assembly views.

4 Click one of the tires to select it. Then select the Y-axis and drag the tire out.

5 Repeat step 4 for the other tire.

6 Move the Timeline slider to 20 units, and repeat step 4 to move the hubs along the Y-axis.

7 Click the Edit Keyframes button to stop recording. Then move the slider bar to the beginning of the Animation timeline, and press the Forward button at the right side of the slider bar to play the animation.