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Create an external style sheet.

Create an external style sheet.

Open a site, and choose File > New Special > Cascading Style Sheet. In the right pane of the CSS Editor, expand the Advanced options and click Create Comment. GoLive inserts a comment placeholder in the CSS Definitions tab of the CSS Editor. Click in the right pane and type Created by, your name, and the current date. Save the CSS file in your site’s web-content folder.

Use external style sheets if multiple pages in your site will share common style elements. Referencing an external style sheet, rather than creating an internal style sheet for each page, keeps file sizes small and enables you to update multiple pages by editing a single style sheet. You can also create an external style sheet based on a page’s internal style sheet by exporting that style sheet and saving it in your site’s web-content folder (conversely, you can import styles from an external style sheet to an internal style sheet).