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Create Adobe PDF Online doesn't send a converted PDF file


When you submit a file to Create Adobe PDF Online, you don’t receive an e-mail with an Adobe PDF file or a link to the PDF file.


Do one or more of the following solutions:

Solution 1: Verify that the e-mail address in your Adobe member account is correct.

1. Log into your account on the Adobe website at .

2. Click Edit Your Account Information. Your e-mail address is listed in the Adobe ID and Password section.

3. If your e-mail address is incorrect, update it, click Save Changes, and then resubmit the file to Create Adobe PDF Online.

Solution 2: Verify that your e-mail account will accept the attachment.

If your company firewall or ISP (Internet Service Provider) limits the size of attachments you can receive or the amount of storage in your account, make sure that you have not exceeded the limit.

Solution 3: Verify the delivery method.

Create Adobe PDF Online delivers PDF files using one of four delivery methods: as an e-mail attachment, as an e-mail with a link to the PDF file, as a download from the Create Adobe PDF Online Conversion History, or as a PDF file displayed in a web browser.

To view or change the delivery method, log into Create Adobe PDF Online at and click Preferences. The Delivery Method menu is located in the Service Options section.

Solution 4: Download the PDF file from the Conversion History page.

Create Adobe PDF Online displays documents you converted in the past 72 hours on the Conversion History page.

To download a PDF file from the Conversion History page:

1. Log into Create Adobe PDF Online at .

2. Click Conversion History. The Documents Available for Download table lists all successful conversions.

3. Click Download to open the PDF in a browser with Adobe Reader.

Background information

Create Adobe PDF Online can’t deliver a PDF file to an invalid e-mail address, and can’t deliver a PDF file if the file size exceeds your ISP’s limitations.