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Create a menu in Adobe Photoshop – Add button highlight layers

Add button highlight layers.

To create highlighting for the button when the user selects and activates it, add up to three layers to the button set. A button highlight (also called a subpicture) may contain text and images, and may consist of up to three colors, but the colors must each be on separate layers. Each layer represents one color, and all three layers together serve as the highlight image. Objects on the layers must use a single, solid color and be on the same layer as other elements of the same color. Do not use gradients, feathering, or anti-aliasing. (Three colors are not required for button highlighting. You can use one or two layers, and therefore one or two colors, if you prefer.) Add one of the following prefixes to the name of each highlight layer: (=1), (=2), and (=3), for example (=1) Check Mark.

When you import the menu into your DVD project, Adobe Encore DVD automatically generates a color index or color set based on the colors in the highlight layers. The (=1), (=2), and (=3) prefixes map the layers to one of three color settings in the color set.

We’ve created a simple single-color text layer to highlight the main menu button.