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Create a design in Illustrator

Create a design in Illustrator

  1. Open or create a splash page in Illustrator. For this tutorial we used a design created for Blue Moon Grocery. Use these guidelines when you create your splash page design:

    • Set the color mode to RGB; in the Color Picker of the Color palette, select Only Web Colors.

    • Set the units for General and Type to pixels. Create the splash area to be approximately 600 pixels wide by 430 pixels high to ensure it will fit well in a browser window.

    • Use separate layers for the center (splash area) and background (in our design the background is blue).


      Design © 2005 Cheryl Passer Design, Inc.

  2. Remove any guides you may have used when creating the design. Create a new layer and name it “guides.” Drag guides to the four sides of the splash area and add a horizontal guide and a vertical guide to divide the splash area into four quadrants.