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Create a custom button

Create a custom button

By the experts at Adobe. © 2005 Adobe Systems Incorporated.

What if you want the button on your web form to say, “order a sandwich”? In Adobe® GoLive® CS2, it’s easy to create your own button. Drag the Button icon from the Forms set in the objects toolbox to your form. Enter a unique button name in the Form Button Inspector. In the Value box, specify an action or a value to be passed to the script.

To change the label that appears on the face of the button, do one of the following: To use HTML text, select the text on the button in the document window, and then type the new label. You can format the label using any text formatting method in GoLive. To use an image, drag the Form Input Image icon from the Forms set in the objects toolbox to the button. Use the Form Input Image Inspector to specify the image source and options, which you set just as you set options in the Image Inspector.