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Configuring Quiz Interaction

Configuring Quiz Interaction

By default each time a click box, data-entry box, button, or question slide is added to your Captivate project, it is automatically given an Objective ID, an Interaction ID, and a Weighting value:

  • Objective ID: This optional parameter refers to the objective of an action. It needs to be configured only if the object is related to an objective set in the LMS.
  • Interaction ID: If you want the Captivate movie (SWF file) to send tracking information to your LMS, you must use the interaction ID specified by your LMS.

    Note: Not all LMSs keep track of the interaction details. Many track only the course level and score, while others keep the interaction data in a separate table that is linked to a course or student ID.

  • Weighting value: This value signifies the relative importance of a question. If all questions have the same weight (say, a value of 1), they are scored equally. You can set a different value for each question.

    Note: Weighting values are relative to one other. Therefore, a question with a weight of 2 has a value twice as high as a question with a weight of 1.

To change the default setting for an interaction object, do the following:

  1. Select the click box, data-entry box, button, or question slide whose settings you want to change.
  2. Choose Edit > Properties.
  3. Click the Reporting tab.
  4. Make the changes you deem necessary.
  5. Click OK to close the propeties dialog box and save the changes.
  6. Preview or publish and test the Captivate file.