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RoboHelp and RoboDemo are both extremely powerful tools for developing online Help systems and Flash movies. However, the true power of each type of content is not fully realized until one augments such content with other technologies. In the case of RoboDemo movies and online Help, the combination is truly awesome—users looking up information in online Help topics can first read about the techniques they need, and then view a Flash-based demo depicting the very actions described in words.

While file size considerations would doubtless prevent illustrating every technique in a Help file with a RoboDemo movie, there are some tasks that simply must be seen in animation to be readily understood. For that reason, RoboHelp developers would be well-advised to obtain RoboDemo and use it to extend the power and ease-of-use of their Help files. The techniques described in this article are only a starting point on the subject of blending RoboDemo Flash movies and online Help systems. I hope other Help developers will find some inspiration here to experiment and find their own innovations. The reward will be Help files that are not only more useful, but also easier on the eye!