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Collaborate with Adobe Reader users

Enable for commenting in Adobe ReaderOne feature that was missing in previous versions of Acrobat was the ability for users of Adobe ReaderĀ® software to interact in a workgroup. Educators can now collaborate with students and staff members whether or not they have Acrobat 7.0 installed. With Acrobat 7.0 Professional, owners can extend document mark-up and review privileges to users of Adobe Reader 7.0. This new feature is borrowed from the Adobe Policy Server’s collection of DRM (digital rights management) tools. This review cycle can be initiated via e-mail, and participation can easily be tracked so that comments can be imported and sorted as they are returned to the review initiator.

Forms drop-down menuFor workgroups that use Acrobat 7.0, PDF documents can be uploaded for browser-based review by both Windows and Mac users. Acrobat 7.0 guides the reviewer through the process of posting and initiating the review. The software allows for real-time feedback from all reviewers and includes the ability to take your version offline and then upload it when you are connected to the Internet.