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ColdFusion Tutorial – More Information on ColdFusion

Page 4 — More Information on ColdFusion

ColdFusion comes complete with an HTML manual, but it’s still the kind of program best learned by trial-and-error experimentation. Go ahead and butt your skull against the wall a few times; you’ll be all the better for it.

The resource you’ll probably turn to most is ColdFusion’s CFML language reference, which is a big list of CF tags, functions, and JavaScript statements. You’ll find it along with other developer docs at Allaire’s developer site. They’re in Adobe Acrobat’s PDF format, so you’ll need the free reader, unless you can read hex code on the fly.

The company also provides a ColdFusion-driven (surprised?) support forum on its extensive site. There you’ll find all sorts of CF nerds who can answer your toughest questions. If you’re a guy, pose as a woman and you’ll get an answer in a hurry.

CF’s documentation assumes that you’re already familiar with SQL statements, but if you aren’t, try Jim Hoffman’s SQL tutorial for a good overview. Your SQL capabilities are determined by your database software, so also try reading your program’s help files. If you’re a Microsoft user, you’ll have to deal with that little dancing paper clip, but the time spent will be well worth the trouble.

Let’s proceed to the final section and recap.