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ColdFusion Tutorial – Lesson 1

Why should you be interested in ColdFusion? As Charles tells all us webmasters, “if business likes it, you love it.” And businesses love ColdFusion, because this database-to-Web gateway provides an effective and simple way to make a dynamic Web.

In this three-day tutorial, Charles starts by identifying those who could benefit from using ColdFusion. He then moves on to tackle some of the backend work: identifying a data source on the server and making the modifications needed to get the database ColdFusion-ready.

In Day 2 you’ll learn why templates are the key to the whole ColdFusion experience. Charles shows how SQL, a few lines of simple code, and ordinary HTML tags will make you the Big Cheese in the eyes of your boss or client.

Charles starts Day 3 of this tutorial by looking at some advanced template-building functions. Before he closes out the final day, he covers some troubleshooting techniques and some great resources for the ColdFusion developer.