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ColdFusion MX Overview – The Wrap Up

 Page 12 — The Wrap Up

I think ColdFusion MX should raise some eyebrows in the Web development community. Macromedia has done a fantastic job of bridging the ease of use of ColdFusion with the sheer power of the Java platform. In CFMX, we get a toolset made for today’s problems that’s easy enough for beginner CF coders to learn, yet flexible enough for advanced Java coders. There are many more features to explore, like Perl-Compatible Regular Expressions, built-in Unicode for international applications, and new charting features. I recommend you delve deeper into components.

There are many many cool things I couldn’t get to because they are beyond the scope of this article. So, be an intrepid individual and check out the online documentation for Developing ColdFusion MX Applications with CFML or the ColdFusionMX Development Center for more information and tutorials on the wealth of other new features and improvements.

And how time flies! You’re now a black belt CFMX monkey! I hope I have handed you the orange wrench in all its glory and sent you fast on your way to creating the next big thing. Just don’t forget about me when you’re a celebrity.