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Clothing Line Spectrum Logo

Apply a nice gradient in radial mode to the background.
Using custom shape tool (U), select a butterfly shape.
Draw this butterfly in a new layer.
Press Ctrl+T. Right Click and select perspective.
Adjust the nodes as shown.
Duplicate layer. Right click the layer in layer palette and rasterize it. Press Q to enable quick masking. From filter menu select texture>>stained glass. Adjust settings as shown.
Disable quick masking by pressing Q again.
From select menu select modify>>contract. Contract the selection by 1 pixel.
Press delete key twice or thrice. Duplicate layer. Hide original layer. Select the unhidden butterfly layer.
Enable lock transparent areas at the top of layer palette. Select gradient tool. Take default spectrum gradient and apply on the butterfly in radial mode.
Disable lock transparent pixels from layer palette. From filter menu select blur>>radial blur. Adjust settings as shown.
Press Ctrl+T. Right click the layer and select warp. Adjust nodes to get the shape as shown.
Unhide the original butterfly we hide in a previous step. Move it ab love all layers in layer palette. Fill with purple color.
Double click the layer to open layer style window. Apply settings as shown.
Change layer mode to Difference.
Type company name etc with nice fonts and color and place at the bottom.