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Checking Browser Compatibility with Dreamweaver MX 2004 – Error Parsing Styles

Error Parsing Styles

If you code CSS by hand, occasionally you might encounter the error message, “Error parsing styles,” when you check the Browser Support.

Dreamweaver will display this type of error if you have an unbalanced closing brace in your CSS code.

Click the following link to view a Macromedia RoboDemo demonstration to see how to track down and fix this error.

Example 05

Here are the steps from the previous RoboDemo movie to track down and fix this error:

  1. Double-click the error message in the Results panel to go to the line of code where the error occurs.
  2. Remove the orphaned closing brace.
  3. Run the Browser Target Check again.


As you have seen, the Browser Target Check feature enables you to resolve cross-browser compatibility issues directly within Dreamweaver, enabling you to get on with the job of building great websites.