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Charlize Theron – Glossy Lips Effect

Glossy Lips

A very easy tutorial to teach you how to get your lips all glossy like in those cheesy commercials! Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s 😉

Ever wanted to have those glossy lips superstars have?

  • Step 1 Get out a picture of yourself or someone where you want to apply the effect to;

    Glossy Lips

  • Step 2 Select the lips with a desired tool and press CTRL+C and CTRL+V;

    Glossy Lips

  • Step 3 Go to Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap and set it to the desired settings;

    Glossy Lips

  • Step 4 Depending on the lips, set it either to overlay or to screen or lighten, but also lower the opacity:

    Glossy Lips

Author        :  MICK MOOLHUIJSEN
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