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Beatware Mobile Designer

Creating SVG content has traditionally required extensive coding knowledge and a solid understanding of the sometimes cryptic mobile file format. Often, designers create the graphics and hand them over to developers who manually code the interactivity and animations. Click to enlarge

Beatware Mobile Designer demystifies rich, interactive content design, and in the process virtually eliminates the need for hand coding! Not only does Beatware Mobile Designer have a comprehensive set of drawing tools, powerful animation capabilities and the ability to add interactivity with just a few mouse clicks, it also includes support for XML-driven graphics, data-driven charts, and calls to external JavaScript files.

Beatware Mobile Designer is the only application that addresses the very specific graphic needs of cell phones, PDA’s and other wireless devices during both design and export. You will never find yourself using features that simply aren’t supported in your target output format. Through a technology called Profiles, Beatware Mobile Designer can disable features in the application that are not supported in your desired output file format. For example, if you choose the SVG Tiny 1.1 profile, those features that are not part of the SVG Tiny 1.1 specification are disabled in Beatware Mobile Designer. You can even create custom profiles to match non-standard device requirementsClick to enlarge

SVG content creation has never been faster, easier or more predictable!

Mobile content authors will enjoy Beatware Mobile Designer’s ability to take the guess-work out of graphics, animations and interactivity. Long hours of tedious and redundant coding are eliminated and replaced by the clean, legible and efficient Flash and SVG code produced by Beatware Mobile Designer. Profiles take the guess work out of creating content for particular devices and standards. And for those occasions when you do need to inject data from an external XML file or call a custom JavaScript function, Beatware Mobile Designer automates those tasks, too.

Web designers will appreciate Beatware Mobile Designer’s robust set of tools, filters, effects and animation capabilities, not to mention its ability to add interactivity without writing a single line of code. And because Beatware Mobile Designer looks and feels like other graphics applications, you can begin creating amazing Flash and SVG content immediately. Furthermore, Adobe GoLive CS users can launch Beatware Mobile Designer right from within GoLive, create interactive content, and have that content automatically included in their GoLive web page.

Business users require quality charts, graphs and executive dashboards to punctuate their presentations and display their data. Beatware Mobile Designer includes a wide variety of polished business graphics tools to help you get your point across. So if you need a 3D Bar Chart to highlight your sales data, you got it! And Beatware Mobile Designer works seamlessly with Beatware Mobile Server, bringing data driven charts and graphs right to your mobile device. Stay in the know on the go!