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Background of flowers and butterflies

Design floral background

Create a background with 600×600 dimensions and 72 dpi
and paint it with the gradient (instrument adobe photoshop gradient tool ),
like in the picture where are indicated also the color codes.

Then draw the circles (Instrument adobe photoshop Ellipse tool ), placing them one above the other. The biggest one paint with the gradient (Blending Options).

Using the instrument of directing the gradient, choose the result the most resembling.

For your convenience, you may put together in a group all the backgrounds, relating to the figure with circles. An example is demonstrated below.

Copy the group with the figures and display them in the right lower corner.

Continue to copy the groups and diminishing them, transforming using Free Trnasform. Change the circles’ color intensity in some groups.

Use the Opacity instrument to change the transparency.

Add several butterflies in our picture adobe photoshop Star tool

Display them like in the picture.

Now draw the stems using the instrument adobe photoshop pen tool . The color codes are f9a129 and f0a911

The final result.