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Autonumbering continues from a previous paragraph tag

Autonumbering continues from a previous paragraph tag

Autonumber series separate one set of autonumbers from another so that they increment independently. If a paragraph tag with autonumbering continues numbering as if it is part of a paragraph tag used previously in your document, then specify a different autonumber series for the new paragraph tag.

To specify a new autonumber series for a particular paragraph tag:

1. Choose Formats > Paragraphs > Designer.

2. Choose Basic and select the paragraph tag in the Paragraph Tag box.

3. Choose Numbering.

4. Look at the text in Autonumber Format:

— If the Autonumber format does not begin with something similar to “X:”, add it. X can be any single letter of the alphabet.

— If the Autonumber format begins with “X:” where X is any letter, change it to a different letter that has not been used in any other paragraph tags.

5. Click Update All.