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Automating Your Work – Creating Tri-fold Brochures

Creating Tri-fold Brochures

This document contains sample setup dimensions of a Tri-fold brochure. Using the setup specifications listed here will result in a tri-fold brochure with three panels on each side that can be used for text and/or graphics. The column guides allow for three columns with sufficient room for folding.

return to topDocument Setup

  1. From the File menu, select New…
    The Document Setup dialog box appears.
    Document setup dialog box

  2. From the Page size pull-down menu, select Letter

  3. By Orientation, select Wide

  4. By Options, make sure Double-sided and Facing are selected

  5. In the Number of Pages text box, type 2

  6. Under Margins, in the Inside and Outside text boxes, type 0.5

  7. Under Margins, in the Top and Bottom text boxes, type 0.583

  8. Click OK

return to topColumn Guide Setup

  1. From the Layout menu, select Column Guides…
    The Column Guides dialog box appears.
    Column guides dialog box

  2. In the Number of Columns text box, type 3

  3. In the Space between Columns text box, type 0.667

  4. Click OK
    Your brochure appears as follows, and is now ready for text and graphics.
    Tri-fold brochure outline