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Animating a Signature in After Effects (MAC) – Paint for Roto

Paint for Roto
If you need to roto an existing (scanned/raster) signature, you can use either Paint or Vector Paint. I suggest you write the signature a couple of times to become familiar with the cadence of the looping. Notice that the letters t and i get last and separate attention.
Create separate passes for the different parts of the signature and paint directly over the scanned image. Use the animated paint strokes to reveal the scan via track matting.

Ah. Good, old-fashioned masking. It’s not glamourous or high tech. It doesn’t require a heavy duty third-party plugin, or even the latest version of After Effects. Animate your masks to reveal (or conceal) portions of your signature layer. Boom. You’ve got an animated signature.

Get Creative
With other means for revealing images in After Effects–man, oh, man there are so many–you should be able to find something that suits your signature. From Adjustments > Levels all the way down to Transitions > Gradient Wipe, there are many features that will help you make your “John Hancock” shine.