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An Overview of CSS in Dreamweaver 8 – Mini-Workflow Recommendations

Mini-Workflow Recommendations

With a certain amount of chagrin, I realized that I had not been following many of the workflow steps I suggested over these past months.

In the short time I have been using Dreamweaver 8, on the other hand, I have already changed my ways. In short, the user interface changes in this version better support a similar workflow. Most importantly, though, I don’t intend to provide a single workflow. Follow the steps provided to test various workflows, but choose the one or ones that work best for you.

Create a CSS Test Site

You will use this same site to house the files you create in the following workflows. This is also the same site I used in my CSS article for the previous version of Dreamweaver. So, if you diligently followed my previous article, use the same site. The file names for this article are different (so everything will live happily together).

  1. Launch Dreamweaver 8 and choose Dreamweaver Site from the Create New column in the Start Page menu. Alternatively, once you launch Dreamweaver, choose Site > Manage Sites > New, then click Site. Click the Advanced tab if necessary.
  2. In the Site Name text box, type CSS test site.
  3. Click the file folder icon next to the Local Root Folder text box.
  4. In the Choose local root folder dialog box, browse to an appropriate place on your hard drive and click the New Folder icon to create a new folder called css_test.
  5. Select the css_test folder as the local root folder for your site.
  6. Click OK to accept these minimal settings. If you came to the Site Definition dialog box from the Manage Sites dialog box, click Done from within the Manage Sites dialog box.

Now that you have your site defined, I will guide you through the workflows in the next few pages.