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1. First of all, make a document sized “3×3” pixels.

2. Zoom in all the way and Grab the pencil tool, and make a line like this:

Affiliate Button 1

3. now go, “Edit > Define Pattern” and give it a name.

4. Now, lets get started. Make a new Document, “88×31” Pixels.

5. Fill it with the color #505050. Which is a dark grey.

6. Now go to the blending options, and use the following settings:

Inner Shadow:
Affiliate Button 2

Color Overlay:
Affiliate Button 3

Gradient Overlay:
Affiliate Button 4

Pattern Overlay:
Affiliate Button 5

Affiliate Button 6

Now you should have something that looks like this:

Affiliate Button 7

7. Make a new layer, (Layer > New Layer)

8. And using the Eliptical Marquee tool, make a selection like so, by selection the top half of the button:

Affiliate Button 8

9. Now, fill that selection in with White. And drop the opacity of the layer down to 20%.

Affiliate Button 9

10. Now add your text to it, and your done! You can try messing around with different colors, and designs. They all come out looks very sleek and Stylish.