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Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 Features

Get started quickly and confidently
The tools are powerful yet user-friendly, so teachers can have students plunge right into projects. Students can transfer footage from the DV camcorder to the timeline in one automatic step, so editing can begin sooner.

Get reliable video transfer

Follow helpful guides
Teachers and students can count on constant help — each step of the way — from the software’s detailed how-to guides. Teachers also can easily find technical support online.

Eliminate tedious editing tasks
Classroom projects advance smoothly as students trim, rearrange, and delete scenes without readjusting footage. Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 automatically shifts clips to fill gaps.

Get reliable video transfer

View edits in real time
This feature gives students added confidence. Students can see edits and effects as they make them. With Auto Save features and multiple undos and redos, students can always go back to a previous version.

Impress, entertain, show off
Students add excitement to their videos by making text and graphics fly and spin, and they creatively transition from one scene to the next with dozens of dissolves, fades, and wipes.

Create exciting titles and credits

Include incredible sound
Video projects can include movie-theater sound when students automatically convert audio to industry-standard Dolby® Digital stereo.

Add narration and music
It’s easy to add a sound file — with powerful, entertaining narration — to your video presentation. It’s also easy to add your favorite music and edit your video to match the beat.

Create personalized DVD menus
Students can become art directors who design custom DVD menus from scratch or choose from dozens of menu templates, including ones for sporting events and music videos.

Make your own DVDs

Easily burn DVDs
Students can make copies of their work in a snap. Integrated DVD burning makes it simple for students to create DVDs that are fun to share and convenient to watch. No additional software is required.

Use today’s popular devices to show off work
Students can connect with academic subjects and become more engaged in learning by showing off their work on DVD, VHS, the web, cell phones, Pocket PCs, and portable video players.